You Are What You Eat

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Practice your selections and use of layers in Adobe Photoshop.

Open Text Edit program and make a list of your top 10 favorite foods, save the file, you will need to turn this in at the end.

Create a folder on your desktop called FOOD

Go to the internet and find one photo of all 10 of your favorite foods and
save in a new folder, in the FOOD folder.
Open Photoshop  – Go to FILE – NEW and create a New document that is 8.5 inches
wide by 11 inches in height at 300 resolution.

Save the file in your FOOD folder on your desktop called YOURNAME_FOOD.psd

Drag each picture that you found on the internet into your Photoshop document.

Each time you drag in a photo you need to click ENTER

Go layer by layer turning on and off the visibility, use the selection tools to outline the food item and delete the backgrounds leaving only the food.

Once you are finished deleting all the backgrounds on all 10 food items, go back to each layer and arrange the food items to create a Self portrait. Tip: EDIT – FREE transform tool helps you change the sizes of each picture)

You may use a food item more than one time, but you must have 10 different food items

DON”T FORGET TO SAVE as a .PSD if you want to edit again and when completely finished SAVE for the web as a .JPG and post to your blog with a paragraph description.


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