Get Flipbook Paper from Teacher, Draw 100 frames.

How to Scan

Flipbook Finishing Touches

  1. After you have scanned all your flipbook pages.
  2. Import the frames to Frame by Frame
  3. Export from Frame by frame (make sure your fps is set correctly)
  4. Import your .mov file to Imovie
  5. Add titles and music from garage band
  6. Upload to youtube
  7. Embed in your wordpress blog
  8. Remember to have a paragraph description.

Flipbook Rubric

_________10 pts creative

_________10 pts neat and organized

_________10 pts good frame rate

_________10 pts tells a story

_________10 pts titles

_________10 pts music

_________10 pts posting animation to blog

_________10 pts posting paragraph

_________10 pts Turned in by September 18, 2012

_________10 pts screening


_________100 pts total





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