Preventing Gun Violence

This is the 12th Annual Project Sentry Logo Contest.

Here is a link to 2014 Contest Page

These are the previous Contest Winners

Everything you make MUST be original, you can NOT borrow images from the internet.

They will select the winning logo from each of the 4 grade divisions. There are 4 divisions, three for younger students (1st – 8th Grade) and 1 division for high school. There is a $50 cash award for the high school division winner and an additional $50 to the overall winner. The overall winning logo will be used in Project Sentry publications that will be distributed Statewide and displayed on the United States Attorneys Office Website.

Logo Theme – the goal of the contest is to Prevent gun violence in your school by educating fellow students about the dangers of gun violence. Logo themes should be original, appropriate in subject matter and the product solely of the student who is entering the contest. You can include a slogan in your logo, but it is not required.

Judging – Entries will be reviewed and judged by a panel of school-aged children picked by the U.S. Attorneys Office. Criteria for the selection of award-winning logos are:

  • Relationship of the logo design to the goals of Project Sentry
  • Originality
  • Artwork
  • Visual Impact

Part 1 – Fill out Form

Part 2 – Research, Remember the is GUN PREVENTION

Part 3 – Sketches

Part 4 – Computer work in Illustrator and posted on your blog with a paragraph description.

Part 5 – Final Works need to be printed on Paper and attached your Form to the back of the submission.


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