Game Board Design



Create the design for an ORIGINAL board game. Include the directions sheet, the board, playing pieces, cards (optional), and any other pieces necessary to play the game.


  1. Select and use the best tools for the job

  2. Incorporate multiple elements into a sophisticated, unified design

  3. Visualize a digital artwork in three dimensions


  1. Design all parts in their actual size

When complete:

  1. Print to be scored, folded, and constructed and photographed and posted on blog

Grading Criteria

  1. Design — visual impact

  2. Inclusion of all important information

  3. Clarity, Playability

  4. Technical quality

  5. Work habits


1.Develop a theme/concept for the game

2.Write and design a sheet of directions to be placed in the game box. You may use Photoshop or Illustrator

boardgame vachon directions


Game Title



Set Up


Playing the Games (Steps, Rules, Directions)

3.Develop the board and game pieces. Be sure to consider the principles of good design to maximize the visual appeal of your game.

boardgame vachonBoardGame tsui


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