Packaging Design



Like every project we start with research

Find 10 examples of Tea Box Designs from the internet and post to your blog with a paragraph description

Tea Product Name

Make a list of 10 possible names for your tea company on a piece of paper, when finished show the instructor your list and choose one together.

Logo Design

Using the name you chose with your instructor, Design a Logo that represents your Tea Company. Make sure you are using the Adobe Kuler and a color scheme. When finished post your logo and your color scheme screenshot with with a paragraph description on your blog.

Packaging Design

Using your logo design a package to hold the tea bags. Download the template here.

The design should have the same color scheme as your logo and should include the following:

1. Logo

2. Net Wt.

3. Amount of Tea Bags

4. Nutrition Facts

5. Barcode

6. How to make Tea Instructions

7. Matching Tea Bag Label or Labels (only one is required)


When finished post your final packaging design on your blog flat with a paragraph description

Print Packaging Design

Ask the instructor before you print and produce your final product.

Photograph the finished product and post a photo of the finished design on your blog with a paragraph description.


Here is a sample professional tea box design.



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