Campaign Introduction

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Campaign Project Description

Create a binder, you will keep all pieces of this in the presentation binder, including research, sketches, ideas, inspiration, a cover design, sheet protectors, and finished work.


Find a client of your choice. (ie. A local band, mom and pop shop, local dry cleaner, talk to them and tell them you would like to recreate their marketing brand and give them a presentation)


Fill out a client brief Client brief Template and turn in. It need to contain a persons name and contact information (email, phone number, etc.)

A client brief defines the client information: Who the company is, the clients objective, the scope of work, the project deliverables, the target Audience, and the creative work rational.


Assume client is going to have a booth at a local convention or trade show. ­­

Research the best trade show or convention center booths for inspiration.

Define: (you may need to invent this information or depending on the industry one might be coming up soon) Title of Convention:

  • Day of Convention:
  • Date: (no year should be included)
  • Time:
  • Address:
  • Phone:
  • Email:
  • Contact:


Asset/ Specs

Letterhead Design – create your own letterhead, using your logo and contact information

Design BriefDesign brief template Defines the projects visual and verbal style, visual attributes, mediums/phases 1-3


Phase 1

  • Billboard with a headline
  • Magazine Ad
  • Newspaper Ad

Phase 2

  • Banners (2 designs)
  • Poster
  • Ticket

Phase 3

  • CD/DVD
  • Folder
  • Insert


Vendor Request LetterDetermine exactly what it is you are charging for your designs and prints. How much money are you asking for, and why? Use a scratch piece of paper to do your calculations, and be sure to show your work–you will need to show the recipient the total amount you are demanding and how you arrived at that amount.


Quote to Printer on Design Company Letterhead for each Phase

Phase 1

  • Billboard – 1 design, printing and installation
  • Magazine Ads – 1 design, Print advertising placement rate
  • Newspaper Ad – 1 design, Print advertising placement rate

Phase 2

  • Banners – 2 designs, quantity – 10, printing cost
  • Poster – 1 design, quantity – 100, printing cost
  • Ticket – 1 design, quantity – 10,000, printing cost

Phase 3

  • Pocket Folder – 1 design, quantity – quantity 5,000
  • Insert Design – 1 design, printing cost, quantity – 5,000
  • CD Design – DVD Duplication – (quantity 8,000)
  • CD Design – Printing Disk Art
  • CD Design – Pocket folder Insertion




After you get the responses from your Vendors you would them write up an Estimate for your Client on your letterhead – You Should have one letter for each Phase.

Hourly Rate: $65/hour






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